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GoPro: HERO4 Session Field Guide – Making a GoPro Edit



  1. You dont want to mess up on that hill :)

  2. But love the vid

  3. You do know every one does not have like 10 gopros

  4. Now go and get 2 more gorpros.

  5. Now I just gotta buy 15 more go pros

  6. Whats that Song at the beginning? I heard it quite a few times here and there.

  7. Crazy4 Mountainbiking `•.•´

    Buy 4 to 56 gopro's. #advertisements

  8. Does it come with the selfie stick thing?

  9. which song is it ?

  10. Willian Paulino

    Awesome! Exactly what I needed! Thanks!

  11. Giomar Jaramillo

    How did you use the GoPro app without wifi?

  12. Andrew Mercier

    After shooting in 1440 which is a 4:3 ratio how do you stretch your video into the 16:9 ratio? Do you manually edit the image with the sliders in the gopro studio or do you use the 4:3 to wide preset stretch?

  13. how do you use the app without wifi I'm having trouble constantly connecting to my phone even with a wifi connection.

  14. Ohne question is this the Original Raw GoPro Footage or is pro tune in or is it photoshopped or somthing like that plus answer?!

  15. Thanks this really helped 👍🏼👍🏼

  16. I have one coming, can't wait to mount it on my RC airplanes.

  17. How to make the most cliche edit basically

  18. Is this really how these super cool radical awesome monster drinking turds film their shit?
    I very much doubt it!
    Gotta hand it to them, they're seriously talented riders but come on gopro, let's see someone like me, an average Joe nobody film something with one camera!!

  19. what is that black bike?


    Fuck this haha

    check my latest video thats how to make a gopro edit i kid you not

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