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How to Bunnyhop – Mountainbike Tutorial – Part 3 – The TAP



  1. +Bike Time what gearing should i be in?

  2. cool!

  3. can u make a video on how to move our feet during the bunny hop

  4. No problemo!

  5. Danke dir 😉

  6. Hey Malte,
    danke dir! Das Bike in diesem Video ist ein "Shock-Therapy DS Black". In der Playlist findest du auch ein Bikecheck Video von diesem Bike!

  7. Hey max deine Videos sind echt gut aber ich wollte nochmal fragen was für ein bike du benutzt?

  8. Hey Tim,
    no problem! I ride the same gear on both of my bikes. On my Trialsbike I ride 18 teeth to 15 and on my Mountainbike 36 to 30. Both is a gear of 1.2
    Have a nice ride!
    Cheers Max

  9. Hi max, thanks a lot, but could you please tell me what gear is best to use? Thanks, Tim

  10. The track called "Hustling – from Dave James and Michael Craig"! You can find the track about the audionetwork database!

  11. Thank you!
    Cheers Max

  12. What's the soundtrack? 🙂

  13. Nice

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