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Full Face Helmets vs. Open Face Helmets – Part 1



  1. I feel unsafe too….watching your riding man….

  2. if im traveling fast on the motor way i used a ful helmet, but if im in the city as i often am i preffer the aded peripheral vision an open face gives me, but i do feel safey with the full helmet

  3. 100% with you about the full face helmets. Apart from the safety concern I just can't imagine doing more than 40km/h with all that air in my my face. It boggles my mind how Americans go without completely. Oh and at least the texter was a looker.

  4. Lane Splitting like a boss. LIKED!

  5. Yeah… I couldn't do it though

  6. Skeggy Cruiser

    Hi buddy,
    I always wore a full faced helmet right up to my first British classic, then went to an open faced helmet, currentlyriding a Kawasaki vn 800 Vulcan classic cruiser and the closest I get to a full faced is open with full visor, don't know why I suppose your right! Nobody wants to look like a dick with a full faced helmet on a cruiser. It just wouldn't be cricket old now would it,

  7. mr "whiteshirt" at the end thought you were staring over at him out of a sense of camaraderie and gave you the "biker nod"
    sucker lol

  8. Full face helmet saved my life a couple of months ago. With an open face helmet i would've smashed my face…

  9. great end to the video. dude on the cruiser looked like a tool in that helmet.

  10. I stand by my off-the-cuff insult 😛

  11. 6:05 – That "dual-sport POS" is a new Triumph Explorer. Cost more than 2x Street Triple Rs and is built in the same factory and shares many of the same components from the ST including the frame. You just insulted your own kind 😉

  12. You think open face on a sports bike looks funny you should see the blokes in the US with stretched whatever and NO helmet! Bloody numbskulls really. I think the open face cruiser helmets in OZ are stupid looking IMO.

  13. cheers dude

  14. hahahhah space robots are super cool.

  15. Yeah.. same here!

  16. Haha good choice.

  17. Full face for me, im not the best looking bloke but i want to keep my face if i have a crash.

  18. Stealth Bobber

    I wear a SHOEI dual sport helmet on my harley lol. I also have an HJC full face but the kind that has the whole front that flips up. It's a lot noisier than a solid full face at high speeds but it's perfect for doing around town stuff like filling up, going in the shop to buy something, or talking to people you're riding with. I would never wear anything but a full face though. I've seen too many people whose full face helmets were scraped up in the front, right where their face would have been.

  19. I use a full face on a Harley. I think it's because of Daft Punk. Daft Punk use FF helmets and are space robots. So in my mind I'm a space robot on a Harley (much cooler). Also my boyish good looks don't match those of the typical cast of Harley riders.

  20. hahahaah!! Dual sport POS, Your Funny! Love your vids bro! always entertaining!

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