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Repairing Rusted Seized RST Gila T5 Forks/Shocks



  1. Great Video.

    Learned lots of things from it :)

  2. david Crawford

    PLEASE. someone tell me the year of that trek 4300.

  3. hi, i'm also having problems with the lower screw in my fork, do you have other ways to remove it since i don't have that kind of power tool that you are using..

  4. Zthankyou , going to tackle my ft fork in the morning

  5. ‫אסף שרון‬‎

    Restoration work of art – well done

  6. Jhon Jeisson Alexander Vilca Zela

    gran video

  7. steve fairbourne

    I had serious doubts about this video, but you have some skills, RJ. I love renovating old bikes, but I thought these crappy forks were throwaway, and you proved otherwise. Nicely done.

  8. U people keep it shit and u got shit.

    The way you treat the things is what u get.
    U got shit because u do not know how to take care of things.

    U just keep the bike in shabby dump shed. What did u expect from that missionary film? Medal of honour for lack of knowledge.

    ..I am gonn ause my five mm wrench..and I am going to stick it ddirectly.

    And what else?

  9. American made frame is worth the 50 bucks alone.  Would love to see you fix up a old Cannondale mountain bike from the early 2000's.

  10. You did all that barefooted? lol

  11. Question, sir…

    What do you call the tool that's holding your handlebars steady during this repair?
    Also…who manufactured your repair stand?

  12. Never rub a fork in a vertical fashion. If you rub your fork in a vertical fashion, it can scratch and you create a pathway for water and dirt to go in the lowers

  13. Hey, can you do video, where you repair RST forks which have one spring in left and lockout absorber on right ?

  14. I had this exact problem with the shocks on my GMC Topkick / Trek ATB.

    You're a freaking lifesaver, RJ! I was just about to throw the forks in the garbage, too!
    Subbed! Subbed! Subbed!!

  15. lookslike it is possible to make Ruined Fork , once again nice working fork damn nice job!!! did u make any test drive too when you fix something very difficult or bad condition bike or so on ,,, =? :)

  16. great video!!! Thanks :)

  17. Love the video I have a canondale and my fron fork it's frozen too

  18. Hey RJ, keep up the great vids. Just got some similar RST forks free again. I think my preload adjusters are broken. Can you do a short video just showing these sort of preload adjusters out of the forks and how they should operate, please?

  19. +RJ The Bike Guy Hello,how i can remove a rust insade a forks?

  20. Great video. I fixed my squeaky front suspension today thanks to your tuition.  Thanks very much :)

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