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Learn How To Ride Drop Offs In (Nearly) 60 Seconds



  1. Randomstuff4u And friends

    Where do u ride what trails/DH tracks

  2. ExtremeMtbFilms

    My suggestion is just hit the drop off as fast as you can and dont crash! Just fly over that thing!

  3. ExtremeMtbFilms

    Dang man, almost bottomed that bike out!

  4. Haha, I botched this today. I didn't pump right and touched my brakes on about a two-foot drop. Didn't go over the bars, but did end up with my hand in a cactus. Still picking out spines! I'll try again tomorrow and get it right this time.

  5. Pedro Rodrigues

    I need some help in drop off. Last week i fall in a drop off ( xco course ), i went in to the drop off with too much speed and i passed over the handlebars. The drop off its a little different, its in a steep descent and has a ramp with a positive slope… what is the best way of doing it?

  6. Pleas do a how to ride burms i struggle with them

  7. Do you think that usch drops can be rode with a genius 740 ? (150mm travel) without destroying it ? I weight 65kg btw

  8. Put captions on it it's sooo funny

  9. I ride a hardtail. It's a KHS six fifty 300. What do you think is the maximum height of a drop off I should try?

  10. Great video again. I've really got to learn how to manual. If I hit a small drop off at speed I'm fine. The problem is when I'm going slower and the front wheel drops down. Luckily, I haven't gone over my handle bars yet. Yet!

  11. I am thinking of doing a quite sketchy drop where the takeoff is not very even and the landing is kind of a downward slope, help.

  12. What bike is he rocking?

  13. ultimate youtuber 0726

    lol first time i attemlted a drop i was going fast then whent for the brakes LOL I FFFLLLIIIPPPEEEDDD im talking FULL FACEPLANT lol hahahahahahA funniest part did this in front of my GRANDMA hahahahahahaha

  14. What track is this is it at pedalabikeaway?

  15. whats the bike he has

  16. Hey,
    There is a grass area near me with a lot of large bumps and looks fun to ride on. Would I use this method to ride down them. Also, when coming down the bump, what's the best way to keep my speed for going up the next one? 

  17. Michael O'Rourke

    when I do drop offs it is important for me to be able to assess the entry, landing and exit. I find that matching the landing helps and balancing your weight to ensure you don't fall off the back or front. I tend to spot,pump, took and soak.

  18. Still can't do shit with a downward take off

  19. The best advice I ever got for learning drop-offs is to never pull back on the bars. It seems like a sensible thing to do to stop the front wheel from dropping, but you run the risk of either lifting too early and then nose-diving when it comes back down, or pulling too hard and looping out the back wheel when you land. The technique I learned is to drop your wrists and push forwards through the bars when you go off the drop; this way the front wheel stays supported and you land with both wheels on the ground.

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