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How to Bunnyhop – Mountainbike Tutorial – Part 2 – Bunnyhop



  1. Can you do a vid on how to lift the back wheel up because I can't seem to do it (without clips plz)

  2. I have pretty persistant problem. I can lean back and can pull my rear wheel. But cannot  make the pulling bar to my hips action. So I kinda do bynnyhop, but it looks weird and not high at all. Can you advice something?

  3. Man, the technique is fine, but really, you want to make a tutorial with logs and rocks? people will never learn this way. they have to begin with no obstacles first and improve the technique a lot before doing it fast and with a real obstacle. This  way of learning is not only impracticable, but also dangerous. 

  4. I have one question for you. About my weight. It is 260. I can bunny hop on my weight 260? Or I cant? Thanks

  5. Andrew Pechnik

    Hey nice video. I am having trouble with getting the back tire off. Is there a trick to doing it? Thanks.

  6. Nice video! Do you have to "hook" the pedals in order to bring the rear wheel upward?

  7. super tutorial . how it music

  8. Thanks for tutorial

  9. crazy uncle cycles

    You have toe clips shoes on?

  10. Gustavo Eichelmann

    make a video on how to do a wheelie

  11. ich hab grade das 2000abo gemacht ;)

  12. Thats the goal! But you also can land on the backwheel – you just have to control it with your rear brake!
    Cheers Max

  13. You need to land whit 2 wheels thogeter

  14. Sollte man ihn zuerst im stehen üben oder gleich beim fahren?

  15. Look in the describtion of this video – their you will find a link! 😉
    Cheers Max

  16. Thanks a lot Max!
    I couldn't find you on fb, however my bike is a completely basic hardtail MTB – even if it is a bit heavy I think the problem is in me – I guess my body position is not correct – I'm too much leaning front. I'll go out practicing some more 🙂

  17. Hey Vassilnk,
    connect with me on facebook and send me a picture of your bike! Maybe their is the reason that you can´t lift your frontwheel high enough… I think we will find a solution 😉
    I would say its a technique which comes 90% from your body and your arms…
    Cheers Max

  18. Hey, thanks for the tutorial, however I'm not able to pull the handlebars to my body no matter how hard I try, so I'm not lifting the front high enough. Is this move coming just from the hands or do I have to help myself with my feet too?
    I can't understand how to shift my weight to the front/back of the bike, can you help!
    Thanks a lot!

  19. Hi "Slink Klins",
    wir starten in wenigen Wochen eine neue Tutorial Serie komplett auf deutsch. Dort wird es diese Technik dann auch nochmal geben. Also einfach abonnieren 😉

  20. könntest du das tutorial vielleicht in deutsch hochladen ? 🙂
    verstehe leider nicht wirklich alles mein englisch ist nicht so gut :/

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