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Repairing Seized SR Suntour T890 Forks – Disassemble/Clean/Lube



  1. So, this is the one which rarely found in the modern bike right? If not mistaken, my mountain bike is using this kind of fork. So, if i want to replace it with a new fork, which fork would you like to suggest? I am going with the lowest budget, and you may show me according to your currency. Thank you very much. I really like your videos!!! All of them are helpful!

  2. How would you disassemble a stuck fork that doesn't have the wibely caps that you are removing with your homemade fancy wrenchthingy?

  3. wait, arent u the same guy who makes the funny videos about "do it your self machines and stuff" and every tool u hold has a silver ducktape on it. u sound just like him thou….

  4. If you put in the spring first, you won't get that problem at 21:40 in this video

  5. Aleksandar Bukva

    Hi, what is the name of the part inside of the spring, I could not quite understand what you've said. https://youtu.be/9sdO6BZ6Jxo?t=517

  6. Wrong ! Work.To any fat inside,to wrong.

  7. Sebastián Romero Moreno

    Hi Rj amazing video. I have a Suntour XCT V2 and it's frozen, now my question is… can I do the same thing to unfrozen it? Thanks!


    That was amazing how well you cleaned that. If I didn't know any better I would have thought you bought all new parts. Did you eventually use the mineral spirits on them? Clearly whatever you do you do the job right. How much for this service should I be paying for. I'd rather not get greasy. And that fork seems so light!

  9. carlos alberto ortega morales

    Un saludo desde colombia muy buenos vídeos aunque no entiendo mucho el ingles aprendi mucho para reparar mi horquilla delantera Dios le bendice y gracias por compartir tus conocimientos

  10. Allan Williams

    I think it would have helped if you had polished the upper legs to a mirror like finish. Other than that great video.

  11. emanuel ronald

    nice video shyflirt1, 
    i need help on my scorpion cult bike, i've manage to follow the steps on opening the fork, but i could not manage to lower the lower part of the ford because of rust inside, i've tried a lot but it could not even move an inch, so plz help me 

  12. I think it might help the stiffness if you'd just removed the elastomers completely, leaving bare springs there.

  13. I really enjoy your videos. That was superb,thank you.

  14. Dear, nice video. I have a question.
    The long alen key to remove the bolt on the bottom.
    Whats the size of it, and how long is the deabth?

  15. Could you do a follow up vid on how these turned out after being ridden for a while?

  16. EvapoRust is a fantastic product for projects like this and others bike related. Check it out!

  17. What kind of bike stand do you use ?

  18. Hey ShyFlirt1, Amazing Video! 😀 I love How you are so Informative. And I've been looking for someone AKA A You-tuber Who actually knows what He Or She Is doing. And I've found your channel, I'm speechless….. Amazing Work And Effort Keep up the Awesome Videos Cause You Earned A Subscriber Keep It Up Buddy!!

  19. gloves will make your skin much happier 

  20. This is what happens if you don't take care of your shocks lol! They were gross

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