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How to 180 a Mountain Bike



  1. is it works on a bmx?

  2. Daniel Maquiling

    Do you know how to barspin a BMX bike?

  3. The Crazy Lemurian

    My back wheel is fucked

  4. This type of 180 will get you only so far so try to avoid it. Instead, If you learn J-hop 180s from the beginning you're setting yourself up to succeed in the future for tricks such as flat 360s and Manual 180s.

  5. I like tacos.

  6. How to 180 a fixed gear?

  7. Hey Seth's Bike Hacks! Can you post a video on how to take off the plastic spoke guard behind the cassette?

  8. Frame name ? :D

  9. Hey Seth, what bike is that that you ride?

  10. It never fails to humor me, that in most of your videos, you're seen wearing like khakis, jeans or some shit like that! Totally flips the status quo. Funny stuff, great videos, keep it up.

  11. You should do another bike check

  12. who the hell disliked this? I would seriously like to dropkick you in your little troll sack.

  13. Do a full- suspension vs hardtail video with your new diamondbacks please! ☺️

  14. Jeroshan Naicker

    Please upload videos

  15. Would a Shorter stem be better for this ?

  16. Awesome job on the videos dude, keep up the work!

  17. My name is not jeff

    +Seth's Bike Hacks You should buy a "Fat Tire Bike' and make a video on it !

  18. can you tell me what the name of the mountain bike you have? i have one but i think your mountain bikes have better suspension/more bouncy.My mountain bike is heavy

  19. Sander Bærøy Johansen

    cant wait to fuck up my wheels!
    thanks man!

  20. why my bike doesn't show movement while reverse peddling

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