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Best Epic Fail Mountain Bike Crash! Snapped Collar Bone. BIG AIR



  1. viperdemonz jenkins

    yea had a nice crash 20 years back on a flat track grass grabbed front tire over bars  dislocated AC joint in left shoulder, guess I should not ride so dam fast still  to this day that dam thing can hurt like hell and still ride hard  am 40 now but why stop a fun hobby for a few broken bones skinned knees or stiches not my only major crash first was when I was preteen would say 8 no helmet cut my head open   again at 13 again no helmet down gravel road on face stitches again after those chose to wear helmet.  srry to any grammar Nazi on my poor writing skills.

  2. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Andrew Robinson

    Well done for trying! Most people just sit on the sofa and watch. 😎

  4. Michael Aguirre

    good ride dude. going to hit up this trail this weekend. let see if i can make the jumps!

  5. well you sure was a biginer back then if i was you my balls would be shaken in this place as a biginer…

  6. Not having a dig but this guys technique just smacked of novice taking on shit he shouldn't have, good on for him for trying and not best result, maybe should have taken on something easier

  7. benitto tantuccio

    not to be rude but u didnt make the jump

  8. oliver wilkins

    I really love the wee!!! At the jump

  9. Zachary Fields

    Where is this?

  10. Fake, people really… Get a life

  11. I just broke mine a few days ago. Too much speed jumping one hill, smashed into the face of the next hill. Heard a pop and got scraped up pretty good. Not looking forward to the next several weeks of recovery…

  12. The little scream in 1.15 hahahah

  13. You should probably gradually build up to going faster, just sayin'.  ;-)

  14. Thanks for those of you with the positive words and all the big dawgs that took their time to comment good or bad ha! 

  15. You guys are a bunch of troll ass hacks. 

  16. Was curious why this had dislikes… now I get it. You fall and say "woo hooo that was awesome…" why? I dont know. But you fell again. Not so awesome that time. You arent very good(which is fine) but it seems you lack the heart for extreme sports and are more or less a "sissy."

  17. You rode way to slow for that jump dude that's why ur screwing up your shoulder

  18. You suck

  19. Get off the bike and take up hair dressing ffs

  20. Some of the idiots that write messages, yes he made a mistake and everyone does all he can do is try and learn from it. Hope your collar bone is ok now and your back to riding.

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