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What Is Enduro Racing?



  1. isn't Enduro just what people used to call mountain biking?!
    It's just the same as downhill but you can't lift or motor to the top of the hill.

  2. miguel camilo hernandez ramirez

    hi guys, i'm soon to buy a new bike. what are the main/key differences between a trail and an enduro bike?

  3. Yes

  4. Simply change the name of this video to "What is Mountain Biking?" and watch it again…

  5. Temmie supersmartboy

    I got a problem now
    I have save a money to buy my first MTB
    but there are too much type to decide
    I want to find a bike that can take hard terrain and good for very long travel
    can someone help

  6. This is Scott's best video.

  7. Cool vid, but who's who had no girls!

  8. Why the UCI and EMBA don't work togther on the EWS making it a UCI discipline ? or if the EWS goes wonders without the uci why would "one" want to be a discipline registered at the uci?

  9. Scott Brocklesby

    Somebody nail his hands to the desk please!

  10. 2:00 omfg i must go there!

  11. hey guys i am starting my first enduro season
    i was wondering if i could get sponsorship

  12. Matthew Laidler

    Is there a enduro series in the uk for 14-15 year olds?

  13. I am the spirit of Enduro

  14. good job… but chill on the hand movements

  15. Finally it all makes sense to me. Thanks for this explanation.

  16. Leonard Natera

    it's called mountain biking

  17. Alejandro Enriquez

    Awesome video, can you explain what trial riding is ,or the tipical equipment or something about it, because it is really confusing for me, by the way beutifull bikes XP

  18. It's funny enduro MTBing use to be XC races like marathons, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. At least in Australia.

  19. thumbs up

  20. Hey guys great videos! Where can I watch or
    get updates to the Enduro World Series once the series begin? I'm in the USA and just getting back into riding. Would love to keep up to date on the latest.

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