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Nukeproof Pulse Pro: 2014 Bible of Bike – Mountain Bike Tests



  1. vegan vasilios

    Would have been nice to have the bike u are reviewing . Just talking about a bike without it being visible is not my cup of tea . 

  2. Can you freeride on this bike?

  3. Ordering my 2014 pro model on Friday. 

  4. You might know about bikes but nothing about consumers and products. The kids right, if someone decides they want a nukeproof, they are not looking at the local bike shop. They are advanced riders already, usually purchase from somewhere they trust or best deal. 

  5. Do a video on the Specialized Enduro Please!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i really like the way you guys review bikes, sometimes i get sick of all the super specific details discussed in a traditional written review.  The way in witch you three simply discuss the bike is really effective at showcasing what the bike is about, without a bunch of unecasary mumbo

  7. Endrikh Darkvine CXVI

    knowing you can't buy an ultimate in-your-face mtb in one of the local bike shops and calling it a mail-order bride… priceless :p

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