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Huge Mountain Bike Crash



  1. DO NOT READ THIS! If you're reading this then your parent is going to die in 5 years. To undo this curse paste on 5 videos good luck. I can't risk it.

  2. double FAIL LMAO

  3. Hahahahaha that guy got drilled hahahaha

  4. 15 seconds in – Mark it here loooooooool

  5. who put that tree there?

  6. He moved his hands like he was saying 'move the fuck out the way guys' lol

  7. That tree shoulldnt have been there!

  8. Ballsie


  10. Took it like a champ. I have big wrecks sometimes where I don't feel a thing. Than i'll have a small wreck and want to cry. Haha

  11. He is not an idiot.

  12. looooooool idiot!

  13. Bonafide Hustler

    Wow! Ouch

  14. Matthew Stieler

    Letting go of the handlebars before impact, this guy knows what he's doing

  15. 100 man points!


  17. cary dennington

    i love the guy in the pink trainers who just slips over for nothing

  18. jajajaj 0:02 high five

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