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How To Train For Long Climbs | Mountain Bike Training



  1. Great vid! I give a lot of plus points on the editing! Cool presentation!

  2. Edward Theodorr

    I use my downhill instead off XC bike for extra work out, both climbs and dh

  3. bro you should make a video that
    How to train your stamina

  4. Trevor Patrick

    Could I still do this training on flatter ground? Unfortunately where I live it's pretty flat and the climbs are all less than a minute. I was thinking of getting a trainer. Should I invest in the trainer or just do these workouts on the flatter roads?

  5. Great info and encouragement in the video. Hill climbing is a wonderful workout. You can pace yourself, rest whilst riding (sort of), and stand or sit or hunch forward when other muscles are dead. Here's my practice hill repeat ride, (10,000 ft) with other hill climbs recently. https://www.strava.com/activities/535268097 too.

  6. Nice vid, the music too. Also, where can I buy one of those GMBN jerseys? I must have one :)

  7. Great video thanks Scotty I learnt a fair bit in this one

  8. Nondezeusproduction

    Scott is becoming a XC rider ! Riding a spark and showing off his FTP LOL

  9. Abstract Concrete

    How To Train For Long Climbs:
    1. Ride More

  10. Keep u the videos lads
    I always make sure to leave a like

  11. How to train for slopestyle?

  12. Thanks so much for the video I think it was because I suggested it and you guys said you'd do it thank you

  13. Heart Rate isnt too good to track effort against, it takes a while for your heart to react to your efforts and then ease off depending on your fitness.Can vary on how caffienated you are, your temperature I could go on! It is so variable! Power is the way to go !

  14. Francois Terblanche

    Scott which grips do you use??

  15. plz create video which helmet to buy for downhill, cros-country…
    sorrY for my english :D

  16. This video is both "How To Train For Long Climes" and also "What Mat Stevens Should When He Encounters a Log"

  17. no uplift nooooooo

  18. If they are Odi longnecks they are the wrong way round

  19. dont know about anyone else..but i did all this warm up ,cool down stuff i would be too tired to ride..when i ride i just GO..and if i wore a heart monitor it would explode because there are times im near death..ALSO I know everyone is different,but why do some people have their seats posts soooo far extended? Especially for mountain biking? Seems you wouldnt want much of anything in your way?

  20. Michael Dereupse


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