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Mountain bike baggy shorts buyer’s guide



  1. Niko The German

    I like wider mtb shorts which don't Go over my knees

  2. Recommendations? I may come off as lazy but I can't really find any shorts that look good and have the length that is needed as I HATE having the shorts ride up on my leg. I feel like a roadie when that happens and I hate the feeling. Please leave a pair of shorts you recommend in the comments. Also I don't need a pair of padded undershorts.

  3. peaty your not fooling anyone with your paul disguise

  4. Is there any reason why I can't where my road bib shorts then my favourite baggies over the top ?

  5. Who has ever reproofed their shorts? This doesn't happen.

  6. I use the cargo pockets for my pad spacer and trail maps etc so i like to have them there

  7. Why no word on waist-to-crotch length? Do they ever get in the way of your seat? How to stop it, what to search for in that department?

  8. Or… cut off the bottoms from a pair of old combat trousers.

  9. Motorcycle_kid22

    Being tall and skinny sucks for buyin shorts lol

  10. 100% agree on removing things from your pockets before riding.  I love having pockets in my baggies, but always ride with them empty.  I can shove anything I need to carry into my hydration pack.

  11. iainthavinthat

    I have some Columbia shorts that I brought very cheap in a outlet, not made for MTB but works greats, no sweating problems at all, and it feels and looks very well made.

  12. Try finding for larger size men ffffw

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