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High speed mountain bike crash



  1. Pinkbike Fail!

  2. meh mountain bike falls are normally quite fun, ive had a few, they hurt, yeah, because your landing on rocks and stuff, but after they stop hurting, you look back at it and just piss yourself laughing, i do anyways. i remember ones i fell off and landed head first, but just sort of flopped over and landed on my back and my friend came over running and screaming "ARE YOU OK?!?! OMFG HELP!!!!" and just as he thought i was sobbing, he got closer and found out i was pissing myself laughing talking about front flipping and landing on my back… i still dont give a shit about any fall offs i have lol.

  3. Eduardo Barbosa

    this was actually pretty funny! lol 

  4. Is that alien language?

  5. Did you record this with an calculator ?!?

  6. I like the rubber bands on his pink pants

  7. Mr Blobby was angry

  8. Andrea Meneghel

    audio perfetto 😀


    charlie brown Wa wawa wawa wa wa wawawa

  10. sounds like elite on the bbc micro- 1980s action

  11. this isnt your video..

  12. ivan marjanović

    odma sam skužio da su naši čim ste se počeli svađatiii hhehehehehehh

  13. il faut savoir rester maitre de son véhicule et garder ses distance de sécurité !

  14. That happens to me, Aliens talking?

  15. sounds like your playing saga master system! ya know, you could have just steered round him.

  16. 8 bit downhill biking!

  17. nice bikes 🙂

  18. juandavid pinto

    this sounds funny 😀

    lithel children fighting like big people 😀

  19. "Dam! Look at what you did! My bike aplication crashed and now i'll have to reboot the primary systems!"

    "Sorry bro, mine's got this bug, it suddenly stops all my functions."

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