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Bike Test: Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon Review – Flow Mountain Bike



  1. This is the bike I should have gotten….. not the pink Huffy with training wheels & frills on the handbars. well, there is always next time.

  2. you guys leave out that the stock breaks it has are just about the worst breaks there are. not only are they the worst on the market, but the pads werent broken in properly. if it was done properly they would squeak a lot less.

  3. The rear brake is squeaky and that's a flaw with the bike. Do a search on google. That's the things with these reviews they leave out the weak point of the bike.

  4. peter schneider

    I got the stumpjumper carbon evo 29er 2014 model after watching this review. Love it, just frigging love it. It was the first time I had ever tried out the 29 inch wheels and I find them great. People moan about them being slow in corners and take off but I find this bike to just be a joy to ride, it just feels like part of you. Fantastic on technical uphills which surprised me and just to much fun blating downhills be it single track or fire roads.

  5. Stumpy Evo 29 vs Camber Evo 29? Whatchall think?

  6. "squeek" "squeek". Hum… avid brakes?

  7. Justin Kinkade

    I agree with this review. The bike is a blast. I was a 26er guy and this bike converted me to atleast this model of 29er. My fear of driving a bus was unfounded. Its really quite agile and playfull especially off jumps. The ride is so comfy but the best thing is I'm working so much less harder on every inch of my rides so I naturually ride faster and am less tired on the same trails as vs my 26er. Strava PR's are just happening even when I'm not pushing myself. I have to pay attention to switch backs more and I am working on learning to turn as well as I did on the 26er but it will come. The trade off was 90%/10% though. No brainer, get this. It will even work fine for XC racing.

  8. comes 26" aswell.

  9. Definitely a beast of a bike, 29" just rolls over everything.

    Unfortunately the bike is much much better then me and by that i mean my ability is less then this bike can handle.

    I have zero fear on this bike, it just does what i need it too, i dont know how nor do i understand the mechanics of it all but it just does it.

  10. 29 no thanks

  11. Here's the real question. This bike or the Yeti SB95?

  12. So it should be good for that money lol

  13. Bike looks sweet! Hefty price tag though, Im hoping to purchase the elite 29er model sometime in the (distant) future! If I may ask, which trail was this filmed at?

  14. aseekercalledraphael

    193 cm / 6'3" also on a large. Could ride XL but prefer the playful handling.

  15. mate I'm 6 foot / 183cms and a large is perfect.

  16. hey guys awsome review how tall are you ?? and what size did you go for cheers

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