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How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike



  1. Jane Bozinovski

    Haha that was both entertaining and educational thanks. Hope I muster the courage to commit (I'm the not-leaning-back-enough-cause-I'm-a-cunt type)

  2. Next tutorial : How to wheelie a sheep.

  3. lol, this guy is a legend!
    Earned yourself a sub ; )

  4. When I was learning to wheelie I flipped the bike and landed on my back and dislocated my elbow 😂😂

  5. your funny as shit love your vids bro keep up the good work 😉 Subbed

  6. I should show this video to my friend. I fixed his bike and did a wheelie, so i gave it back to him because we were going to ride. I look back and he flips a wheelie and totally eats it😂 somehow I can't get him to commit to it.😀

  7. wheelie a sheep.

  8. Shit 10,000 views never seen that coming, Thanks everyone!

  9. MuckyDuckGaming

    Phahahaha! You should be a comedian 😂😂😂

  10. This is the only good tutorial on YouTube for this lol

  11. Xeeyze Gamingツ

    Fuck that shit go to the sheeps instead :)

  12. Nice vid. Great to see a real person showing how it's done. After all, that's what we'll go and try.

  13. Ayrton Richardson

    this is a great tutuorial I can do it thanks +

  14. Francisco Rivas

    I just made a video on my bike wheelieing that my life

  15. Those are some nice goggles.c

  16. mikey loves cimorelli

    your funny as shit lol but that's for the help

  17. Stijn Van Peer

    You are just awesome! I wish you had more subs ;D

  18. Mike the gamin beast

    I can't get the bike in the air

  19. Could it be my bike?

  20. Brilliant video . I can get my wheel up and I can pedal to make the wheel go higher but it only comes of the floor like 4 inches and I'm leaning back and in trying my hardest help please

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