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Top Five Full Suspension Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips



  1. boobtubereborn

    love the canyon bikes got a 2016 giant reign advanced but reckon i will get a canyon next. any issues with the shapeshift neil? heard a few teething issues but mostly the bikes had good reviews

  2. I've had full suspension bikes for my whole life didn't even know there where hard tails

  3. can anyone please tell me this model of bike

  4. Make more hardtail class videos!!

  5. Adjustable geometry mmm tasty

  6. I have a rigid bike and got into mountain biking recently I'm saving up for a suspension bike should I get full suspension or just a hard tail

  7. thanks for great video. I have a bit different question. is there actually any bike with a rear suspension which can be rode by 125kg guy such, that the oil is not squirting everywhere around the bike after a jump? I own 2010 specialized fsr comp with Fox triad shock, and this thing just is not reliable. I had already two repairs in a year due to total oil leak. unfortunately specialized did rather good job in vendor locking and used a non standard mounting bracket for the rear shock so I cannot replace it by something more serious, hence will be probably looking for a different bike. any hint appreciated.

  8. GMBN is that canyon worth it? Im thinking of getting one but the shape shifter seems unreliable ? Is that true

  9. F4prince 64Royalty

    i Will buy a bike like that 😊

  10. Who's watching this who doesn't own a full suspension bike?

  11. what you think on the bike "yt Capra" endoru?

  12. Why is it that i think i bottom out the shock way to often even if i set it at 25% sag ?

  13. Do you usually do seated sag? There will be a slight difference to standing sag (which would usually have the lower air pressure)

  14. Chain growth on any bikes not made by GT

  15. polygon ur team

    my mountain bike actually is 27.5 can i upgrade the forks from 120 mm to 140 mm ? and the rear too

  16. Benjamin Roberts

    Thanks for the video. Just got my first full suspension bike for christmas and though i might revisit this video.

  17. love this channel guys
    keep going

  18. Johannes Kastner

    1:02 Dont pull up your Reverb if it isn´t fully extended. Otherwise you may damage your Dropper Seatpost because oil is flowing in rooms where it shouldnt flow.

  19. make a $1500 budget bike video

  20. Christian Venturo

    hi! how do i know the lenght and the size? i want to change mine but i dont know which one to buy or how to buy. i measure the eye to eye lenght (190mm) but i dont know about the size, i saw diferents types like 51 mm or 57 mm thanks!

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