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Cycling Crash Compilation 2014. Worlds most DANGEROUS sport!



  1. most dangerous sport in the world?  this sport is for pussies..  pussies in banana hammock tights..

  2. I've never seen a comment section so full of retards.

  3. Orli おーりー


  4. That is fucking hilarious! Pmsl!

  5. It's actually not the most dangerous sport in the world motocross is

  6. Dilshod Baxtiyarovich


  7. "Worlds most DANGEROUS sport"
    Have you ever seen a downhill race??

  8. Benny McAllister

    3:46 so when its kind of wet never EVER pedal on the back wheel while on the lean turn? just let it glide?

  9. Wicked Coolname

    I could watch these idiots crash all day! Stupid twats playing on their little bike toys.

  10. ‫محمود الخطاط‬‎


  11. Cool music.

  12. I stopped watching when the dog got ran over 😭😭😱😭😡

  13. "Worlds most DANGEROUS sport!"
    Are you kidding me?

  14. This is tame compared to Isle of Man TT

  15. Haha cyclist look so stupid in their little outfits

  16. Two things ..

    Why are we speeding in the rain
    and secondly why the hell is there a random dog walking into the bikers path .. that was pretty lousy

  17. Tarmac….Cement….the feeling is quite indescribable when you smash into it. I did, at 110 km/h on a motorcycle. A lovely over-the-bars looping through the air, HIT…and every bit of my oxygen was punched out of me,instantly.You kind've wheeze like an 80-yr old with a 20-a-day habit…everyrhing slows down and it's like you're on a carousel at the county fair …so yeah,CYCLING is dangerous because below you lurks a never ending Anaconda of Hard….says he, after a good toke..

  18. So you're saying tougher and more dangerous than MotoGP or Isle of Man? Rubbish.

  19. Worlds most dangerous sport? Have you even heard of motocross?

  20. Worlds most DANGEROUS sport:
    Here is a list that shows at what sports are most likely to injure yourself. That means almost every time, whether you are on any level.
    1) Bull rodeo
    2) Fight activity – weaponless
    3) Rugby
    4) Hockey
    5) Football

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