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Top 5 Mountain Bike Tech Of The Year …So Far!



  1. New fox sub 3 pound fork?

  2. an e*thirteen thirteen speed cassette? totally logical!

  3. Wireless Dropper Posts would be great, as even though they would be extremely expensive, you would only need to buy one, as you can easily switch it from bike to bike. it would really be an amazing product for all the people with multiple bikes.

  4. I heard Hamster assist bikes are a possibility

  5. 26"+ :)

  6. 26+ for 27.5 frames

  7. rip stevie smith 😥

  8. Far out, has anyone else heard? Rest in Peace Steve Smith 🙁 :(

  9. what about the new 26"+ wheel / tires  for short arses like me , could they be the 27+ tires nemesis ? :)

  10. i predict the return of 26 inch wheels because they're fun to ride if you prefer handling before speed

  11. Great stuff! Nice video

  12. Does anyone know anything about the ks e-ten dropper post, and is it any good? originally I was just going to play it safe and get a reverb, but I've heard so many people complain about the reliability, which has scared me off them a bit. The ks e-ten is also half the price of a reverb ($200 compared to $400, both online australian dollars). What should I do? At the moment I'm liking the ks.

  13. a flannel shirt pocket will become standard on all fat bikes as well as a comb and craft beer tap.

  14. 666th like :D

  15. RIP Steve Smith, 2016 is a shit year.

  16. Dont forget the Zerode taniwhas gearbox!!, in my opinion that is the most important upgrade in mountain bikes since suspension.

  17. Richard Boustred

    So has anyone else heard about Shimano xt samurai? And R.I.P. Stevie Smith.

  18. I think i would still take the E13 9×44 cassette over the eagle.

  19. 24.5" wheels, "the perfect blend of BMX precision and 29er versatility, the ultimate in flickability"

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