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  1. pol espadale aguilera

    hay que tener los huevos bien grandes para hacer este salto con este hierro.. eso si es un biker!

  2. Great support crew..

  3. take note americans-this how civilized people react when their best friend gets spattered on the ground,not rolling round having a heart attack laughing at someone elses misfortune

  4. Daniel Domingues

    Esse é burro… olha a bike do cara, o maluco ta só com um capacete 0800 e desce a ladera a 50 por hora pra rampar kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (SUICIDA)

  5. 0:43 ahhooooo lol funny

  6. the funniest when he moans on the ground and what he says in the air

  7. 0:30 run!

  8. giovanni laterizio

    ta peccau! 🙁

  9. are you fucking retarded

  10. you fuckin idiot

  11. No No… you are saying it wrong, its "oi Shit"

  12. mmmmm fuck tom :L 00:29

  13. JonnyValleyBoy

    No, It really is…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  14. stupid idiot.. it's not funny…

  15. JonnyValleyBoy


  16. guillermo berrio tenor

    totalface wtf

  17. Bradley Holtom

    0:31 PMSL at guy in yellow and blue shorts XD

  18. yes they do douchebag.

  19. Ohh ok. It's not like I live in Australia or anything. What would I know…

  20. A mart then

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