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Crash & Burn: a compilation of our mountain bike crunches.



  1. Nice vid, great to see mates enjoying themselves and having fun.

  2. Steve Nicholson

    All the gear…….no idea…..after 2 years they still can't ride


    im sorry but PAUL ! really ? these guys may not be the best at biking but there is no need to throw abusive comments at them ! they are learning and having a great time doing it ! whats wrong with that ? and after looking at your videos you shouldn't have anything to say ! you need to be actually be good at something before you can tell other people that they are not ! GOOD VID GUYS REALLY ENJOYED IT AND IM JUST ABOUT TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON !

  4. Because its easy to be a 'mtn bike badass' on youtube.

  5. Bunch of southen puffs who have no buisness in the mountains! And should not be riding orange bikes! Orange bikes for northen hard men only! Great vid by the way! :-)

  6. These trails looks like a rough go! Lots of weak falls and lots of laughs had.

  7. RussiaVodkaBalalaika

    WTF guys? You are ryding like a noobs. I have hardtail bike and my ryding is more agressive and accurate, then your. Why did you buy full suspension bikes? You can't reveal their potential.
    Sorry for my bad english/

  8. top video lads ,nice 1 :-)

  9. And such fucking idiots are having better bikes than me… :(

  10. One of the most entertaining mountain bike videos I've seen in a long time! Cheers fellas! It's about the enjoying of the ride. If that includes falling, then so be it.

  11. 10 points for effort, keep the butt off the seat. If yr not crashing, yr not trying hard enough.

  12. what is up with all these fucking retarded comments by little fuckers who think they know better

  13. Sorry but u suk at biking than u I'm only 9 wow!!!

  14. You're kidding right? After all the abusive comments I'm disappointed, I thought you'd be a big air dude, hitting A-Line big time and ripping new lines at Les Gets and Chatel. But what do I see in your video, you taking all the chicken lines on an easy DH run. Come on boy, if you're going to talk big, you've gotta go big.

  15. the lol is as bad as asking someone to fist bump you…….you know what I mean Paul?

  16. bad day at school, or is the trailer roof leaking again?

  17. all the gear no fucking idea…..

  18. Stupid fat fucks lol


  20. I thought i was bad.. until i watched this.

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