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Best MTBs Under £1000



  1. The rear suspension is heavily criticised on this boardman but the calibre bossnut (bike of the year) uses the same and the suspension isnt slated at all. Why? Most people are advising me to get an high end hard tail rather than a 'bottom end' full suspension saying it's lighter, will improve your technique and you will get much better value and better spec components for the money. I've never had a full suspension bike and they seem like great fun and could be really helpful for climbing rocky tree stump littered sections and of course for downhill stuff, dropoffs etc.

    What bike would be the next step up from the bossnut where you would see a big leap in performance? What would you need to spend?

    I just went to gisburn and had an amazing time on my 15 year old £200 saracen but really it's not up to the right standard for that kind of riding even though it did the job. Going uphill was tough as it was steep and very rocky etc so I thought full suspension might help (but if it adds too much weight it might hinder). I feel like when I try a hardtail i'm not impressed with it – they seem mostly the same to me as far as i can tell from riding it around a car park at a bike shop. I did have a bit of a blast wizzing around go outdoors for a good half an hour or so on the bossnut though. It seemed to inspire confidence and fun and i'd love to push it hard down some black trails. The two two seemed just like a kind of dull, ordinary road bike to me like my old saracen hardtail but a bit never/better. I wished you could try bikes out in the environment you'd like to use them as that seems the only way to know.

  2. Daniel Finegan

    I'm 6' tall, what size calibre bossnut would you recommend.

  3. Is that Dylan's dad?

  4. My girlfriend is looking to buy her first women's specific mountain bike soon. She's been making do with a 2011 cube attention but it's very uncomfortable for her. She's looking to spend between £700 and £900, more towards the £900 mark. We live in South Wales so a bike suited to Bike Park Wales, with the ability to do some xc comfortably is what she wants. Basically an all rounder.

  5. pretty sure the bloke on the right took my soul with his death stare

  6. Shashwat Shukla

    Hey guys, what do you think of the Trek X-Caliber 9. I don't have access to calibre bikes around here and Marin is difficult to be brought here. Trek would give me the warranty as well. Is it a bike worth investing the money?

  7. Really interested in the Marin Nail Trail, but in the 9.7 version. My concern is that Sunrace cassette… I run through them a lot and they're hard to find. I'm wondering whether I can just swap a Shimano XT and run it with the SRAM GX derailleur. Any idea?

  8. Laurence Cosmo

    can you please do a best mountain bikes under 1001 pounds for beginners 2016

  9. Norco Storm 7.1

  10. Adam Has Habits

    For that price you could have gotten a specialized crave?? What's up with that.. That's an entry level cross country bike?? Air sprung fork and all and about 5 pounds lighter then the rockhopper! :(

  11. Is the bossnut unavailable in the US?

  12. Why is the voodoo zobop not there?

  13. Plz may your review the 2015 voodoo conzo

  14. take a look at Coluer bikes.
    Amazing price for all the material it comes with.
    for 1400 euros you can buy one with carbon frame already, crossride wheels slx/xt transmission.

  15. ForbinColossus

    1000 pounds ?? Wow, that's some heavy bike

  16. huhh where is Trek Superfly or giant XTC advance ?

  17. i recently payed $750 for a bike. it had: cheap coil fork, horrible tyres, hardtail, small bars, cable disc brakes and 24 speed gears.

  18. In this budget I can find much better bikes than these crap

  19. Bossnut? Don't be a Cnut.

  20. Sorry, but I believe this video is rubish. You don't mention Giant, Trek or Cube. You can have a Cube LTD Pro for around 1200euro (equivalent to 1000£) And those are equipt, with rockshox recon and full XT-SLX 11×2.
    So really I don't get it, how you came to only these 5 bikes?

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