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2014 Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er Mountain Bike Review



  1. I'd ride that thing on the street but that's about it.

  2. Did you fart at 3:14

  3. Cristian Galvan

    I'm 6'6 what size would be good for me

  4. this bike is great 🙂 i got it for my birthday. the suspension is very nice and the shifters could be a little quicker and smoother but its no big issue. i realllyyy love the frame shape as well

  5. that's the one i'm getting for my next videos. so i don't have to rent out $5000 bikes every time i ride to make my videos

  6. Boyet Flores Jr.

    I had this similar hard tail mountain bike and its cool features its also 29er and had a frame size of 17" and similar handle bar components..I just want to test it in any downhill road…

  7. this bike frame its very similar to the intense hard  eddie

  8. Nice video.. I'm interested in buying this bike, but i was wondering how well it holds up to downhill jumps. I'm 6'3 and weigh about 220 lbs. Do you think this bike will hold up? 

  9. So interested with this bike.. and been on my top 3 list to buy… till I saw on this video "Made in China" … no offense meant but have to x this on my list.

  10. How do you like the Lock-out feature? I'm probably getting the non-lockout one for Christmas b/c it's under $400, but I felt like it would be needed for road riding. Although I feel like if I get it I'll either always use it or never use it.

  11. muhammed manjang

    Can you please make a video of you, actually riding the bike in all speeds, PLEASE!!!!
    Its going to help viewers thoughts on weather to buy one. 

  12. How much is it?

  13. My derailleur broke the first week no problems so far

  14. I have the same exact one it an over drive expert and a 2012 model I take it everywhere awesome on off road:)

  15. should I get M or L I am 5  9"

    I will be doing maybe 20% mountain trail, and 80% crusing on street, store runs, exercise on pavement mostly….is this a good bike or it's more toward doing mountain biking?

  16. Good video . very helpful. Could you explain those lock outs on the front suspension? Are they to keep it stiff on hard surfaces? I never owned a mountain bike so I am not sure what they do. I may buy this one.Thanks

  17. I have this bike. IT'S very comfortable to ride and very fast.

  18. What's the bikes weight? I'm thinking about getting one

  19. Does it have a kick stand

  20. 600 bucks on amazon, anyone know of any better prices or sites?

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