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How To Fit a Mountain Bike by Performance Bicycle



  1. is it ok if the stand over height of a dirt jump bike is shorter than what i would require if i would consider a crosscountry bike? i ride to the trail which is like about 11 km frm home

  2. jajaj real manique

  3. Awesome how he's talking about beeing relaxed on the bike with that statue of a bike-rider on the saddle.
    Great video though.

  4. Performance bike on south Blvd in Charlotte has the most rude mechanic. When I went in to have my wheel tried he told me that he was tired of truing wheels for cheap customers like me who could not afford a decent $800 wheel set. I told him he would be out of the job if it was not because of customer so he needed to have his manners check before voice his hate towards those helping him get a check. Then he told me to get over it….the manager was not in according to him. I go to bike source now where people are helpful!

  5. As a full suspension, downhill rider, do I need to fully extend my leg like the hardtail position?

  6. Wan Mohd Asraf (Wea)

    what brand of bicycle trainer is that..

  7. Whats the model is that fuji bike ???

  8. BiciFaidate.it®

    Top video!

  9. Kristoffer Vergara

    +Performance Bicycle  I'm a beginner and i felt some wrist pain over a few kilometers of ride on the stock straight handlebar of my bike. I replaced it, now I'm using a 720mm hi-rise handle bar and the rise i think is about 25mm-30mm and the stem is about 100mm. I still feel a little wrist pain. Do i have to change the stem or just make some adjustments?..

  10. that boy on the bike. He's a robot. lol

  11. The guy on the bike ("the model") looks a bit…confused, lmao!

  12. Pasha Rozdestvensky

    Nice video, keep it up! :)

  13. Thanks man

  14. hi sir zach! i just want to ask question, i have mountain bike medium size but my height is 5'4 and i feel dis is to big for me is there any solution for this to make it suitable tnx!! awesome video anyway ^^ 

  15. Ok so I watched the video and it was a complete fail for me. My left foot rests firmly on the pedal when fully extended. My seat has been raised as high as it will go. Does this mean that my bike is too small?

  16. William Santiago

    Thanks for the reply bud. I'll do like you said and I'll go to my local bike shop.

  17. William Santiago

    I feel like I'm riding on the very top of the bike because my saddle is above the handle bars. I'd like my handle bars to be alot higher than they are and I have a thread less neck and I don't see alot of room to pull them up. When I'm riding I feel like my handle bars are down by my feet and I feel like i'm top heavy.I rode bmx all my life and the set up is totally different. This is going to take time to get use to. I'm 6'2" at 235 on a 26" bike.I need a taller neck and wider bar,any advise

  18. Alonso DE LA PAVA

    Great video. Thnks !!  I want to ask you something. I do mainly cross country. Should the seat be leveled at the height of the handlebar? I am currently riding a 29er, size frame 19.5 (Height 6.2" and leg measurement 35"), however I feel my seat is way to high compared to the handlebar. is that ok?

  19. Hi that fuji hardtail looks great.. What model? I'm looking for my first mtb. Thanks in advance..

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