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Easy MTB Fork Repair Suspension Fix for beginners to Mountain Biking



  1. Don't you need to re-grease?



  3. Fantastic whistling

  4. just bought a 2nd hand mtb, and i think my fork is rusted stuck, this didn't work 🙁 i guess i'll have to go to a bike shop and ask them/buy a new one?

  5. Mr. HardcoreLiveGamer

    There's no screws behind the drop out. What else can I do

  6. Thx a lot bro I  just going to fix it  by the way i Use Motocross Forks Oil its make the fork rebonce like bunnys

  7. i have a coil fork and it keeps clicking every time it comes up is there any advice you can give me

  8. what fork was that when u were driving your bike? at the end the white one

  9. i dont have those two bolts in my fork ! please help

  10. what about regreasing?

  11. Now it all makes sense. Bad news, but it's good that it brings closure.

  12. The ladies 26 Kent Glendale has a throw away 70mm travel fork (not a mountain bike fork). You will likely need to take it to a bike shop for proper repair or replacement.

  13. I am working with a bike that has the top stanchions pointing backwards. There are absolutely no screws at the bottom, so I am wondering how to disassemble this fork so I can turn things around right. Any ideas? Anyone?

  14. google search for "rockshox dart 3 technical manual" The PDF has the specification and assemble images.

  15. hay i see u r good for helping out i have dart 3 forks how can i tell if they have oil on them ?
    and if they do how much in each lower . my forks are not soft and hardly do much the firm and don't absorb the small bump like they should the quite new so if you can help out then plz reply thank you =-)

  16. Thanks it really worked for me. I have RST Neon TnL 50 fork and after two muddy and salty winters it got stuck moving only when I hit something really big. When I dismantled it according to instruction I noticed that inner legs are really dirty, rough and something like corroded. I thought the game was over but I cleaned all loose dirt from outer and inner legs and put all back together. And surprise – it helped! Suspension was working even without any extra oil though I put later a few drops.

  17. Can i fix a front suspension in my rigid bike?

  18. google search "rockshox xc28 technical manual" the details and service diagram have what you need.

  19. Do I do this without the problem reoccurring ? Please help++answer ASAP if you have proper knowledge

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