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Nashbar Trekking Mountain Bike Handlebar – REVIEW



  1. Hi; what are tires specifications?

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier in the UNITED STATES for these butterfly bars that are "31.8."  I can find them for the 25.4 clamp all day, but when attempting the larger size everyone and their brother directs me to shops in China.  I realize they probably ALL came from China to begin with, but would like to find some that have already made the "slow boat from China" journey and are here in the US.  I have a Trek 4500 and don't want to use shims if I can help it.

  3. good job dude those bars are great for touring

  4. I've installed about 30 of these so far. I think you should move your brakes out tword the outside more, it'll open your riding stance a bit. Also, I've seen many ways to mount these bars, so you're not in the wrong – technically yours are upside down, but it is really a user preference – I've seen them in many different configurations. Good luck !

  5. Thanks for the review, I got the BBB Butterfly bars, basically the same, and have noticed a few places making them now. It has taken a lot of stress from my wrists so far but I don't go really long distance now till my health gets better – I hope anyway, For now I have converted to e-bike till then. Took a bit of figuring out and has to change my front gears over as switch and throttle made it too tight for ez- fire triggershifters.

  6. Great review! I've been looking at these on Nashbar for my Specialized Sirrus that I ride to work daily. I'm working to upgrade it for touring, this is a great inexpensive way to ditch the flatbars that came with the bike. I notice you replaced the step with the Nashbar adjustable one. I may do that later when upgrade to carbon forks as well. Hate to say it, but that website is addictive, I have to have a monthly 'budget" for my upgrades:-)!

  7. What is the framesize of  that bike and your height ?

  8. my adjustable stem also creaks. I want to get a fixed one again.

  9. I've had mine for over 2 years and can't imagine touring without them. Took me a while to find the right stem configuration. Had an adjustable stem but it creaked a lot and drove me bonkers.

  10. yea the adjustable stem is a little heavy and it wobbles a little. it just seemed the best way to experiment with higher positions. i found I would actually like to go higher.

  11. bluemountaindrivepae

    I am sticking with a shortened flat bar. Light and cheap and it keeps my hands by the brakes. Those adjustable stems are heavy.

  12. well impressed with your bike great video sir thanks for uploading take care ……colin

  13. thanks,i recently ordered these from nashbar.

  14. Thanks for posting this, I was starting to mount these on my bike today, and wasn't sure how to place the brakes and levers. It really helped to see how you'd done it, thanks so much!

  15. When I installed XLC trekking bars on my 1992 Specialized Crossroads, I mounted the brakes far enough outward that I could "fingertip" the brake levers while my hands are on the sides. It works really well, though my brake levers are a bit longer and straighter than the levers in your video.

  16. Thanks for your helpful review! I'm glad it works great for you!

  17. I was considering these bars for my track bike, as it is my only form of transportation [my car is kaput]. My shoulders are getting worn from having only two positions, and from having to wear a backpack. I've seen a fellow riding my same route every day with these bars on his road bike. It always looked much more comfortable for the distance we both cover.

  18. bewaretheintertubes

    Hey man thanks for the video. I was thinking of converting an old mtb into a touring duty cycle and now I'm convinced. Any other tips or pointers you've found?

  19. Great video Derek. I was "on the fence" about getting this bar but now I am convinced. I am in the process of converting my Trek 4500 into a hybrid/road bike. In doing so I want to get more height for the handle bars. What kind of stem do you have on your bike?

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