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Mountain Bike Dirt Jumping – Aptos, California



  1. nice ……..

  2. the same background music for macaframa Jason Lim promo vid XD

  3. Love to sneak over there at night with a case full of Dynamite and blow that place up and watch in the morning as the little groms come out and cry.

  4. 2/19/2015     R.I.P.    fuck corporate greed

  5. Hey guys i need some help i have been riding a 20" bmx bike for years and i love trails and jumps but i want to upgrade to a dirt jumper 26" any suggestions on what i should get my budget is 700 bucks. Someone please help me

  6. 4:004:25 best line and follow it, awesome video

  7. im about a mile from there

  8. Gashini kalaimohan


  9. Jacob Hungerford

    awesome dirt jump line anybody have a address to that spot in cali

  10. Looks soooo old lol

  11. Henrique Santana

    Awesome Man ! O.o"

  12. I live 2 mins away biking distance to this place

  13. You know….its funny, I went to school (college)-got a job to get paid and did not find happiness….Now, I own 4 bikes and work at a little more than minimum wage bike shop…SUPER HAPPY and building trails

  14. I was in US last week and went there on monday, but unfortunately found nobody riding.

  15. can i just have a fucking postcard?

  16. Longboarding with Thesection

  17. i would like to see the face of their classmates at their reunion when they say i'm sponsored by redbull 

  18. Awesome

  19. very nice

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