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Urban Downhill Mountain Biking with Filip Polc



  1. That course is easy af how did that blue jersey guy fall off on the first drop off 😅😅😅

  2. awesome videos

  3. Red Bull and the Local Hero Mountain Bike Tour should come to Butte, Montana USA for Evel Kneivel Days!!! It's a great young urban downhill through old mining buildings and more!!! No to mention it's a huge party. https://www.facebook.com/EvelUrbanDownhill/

  4. スリリングでいて、とても素晴らしい

  5. Savnonimous Blank

    amazing but camera work is too choppy and it ruins it

  6. Stuart Hardy Cull

    0:52 – A nice can of energy drink to calm the nerves….

  7. oh good

  8. how's amazing video

  9. how's amazing video

  10. rly cool m8

  11. Please, can someone say me the name of the songs?

  12. HT downhill

  13. Urban DH looks scary. I

  14. I would lie to see Peter Sagan vs Filip Polc competition. :)

  15. Tbilisiiii 😀 <3

  16. i wish i met him i live in tbilisi :(

  17. rustini sholehah

    itu bahasa apa saya kan orang indonesia ya ngak tahu ta… you fuck

  18. Blackaudios Black

    hardtail forever:D

  19. so werde ich das in meinen Videos auch anwenden

  20. Are these downhill or all mountain?

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