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Top 5 – Enduro Helmets



  1. matthew Gomersall

    wheres the super 2r???????????????????????????????????????

  2. Where is the bell super 2r?

  3. The Bell Super 2R and the MET Parachute didn't make it? Bike Radar has got it wrong yet again.

  4. What about the bell super 2R

  5. It's pronounced geero as in the giro ditalia not the way you're saying it

  6. Wait what? I was waiting for the MET Parachute and the Bell Super 2r!!

  7. Hey +BikeRadar do you think the new bell super offers the same protection as an actual enduro helmet that doesnt clip together like the super?

  8. can any of them be used for road cycling? i just broke some teeth out and broke an eye socket after my bike slid out from under me. had a regular giro helmet (now cracked)

  9. What about the MET parachute?

  10. If I choose, I trade the 3rd for the new BELL Helmet. It´s awesome

  11. The new bell helm is the best

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