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Over the bars mountain bike crash – Rider knocked unconscious.



  1. very good response without getting lost what to do, which is great! not everyone knows how to act. YET! never ever ever attempt jumping anything on your bike or trying to do any tricks without pre practice / experience. i learnt the hard way, but i got to my goals. now i pay a lot of attention to what im doing. PS> ALWAYS WEAR HELMETS GUYS! they save people by millimeters from brain injuries! i always wear a full face helmet if im going on some fast tracks with jumps.

  2. This is the kind of people I want around me.

  3. Good actions for your buddy!

  4. should not move the body if there is a spinal cord injury … and better if the helmet fastens.

  5. I think you did a top job matey.. well done. I'm sure the guy will look back at this and feel chuffed you were there..

  6. that was pretty awesome guys !!! everyone know what and how to do end everybody stay calm, im so glad <3

  7. Im glad, as a human, to have you in the earth, we do need more people like you. Others would use this footage for laught of this guy or do a "knockout compilation" but you, buddy, you did so well, cheers from spain.

  8. Алик Шевил

    This about fullface helmet

  9. Benoit Jansen-Reynaud

    Lesson here… a proper helmet would have stayed on his head…. Your life is worth getting a proper lid… ;-)

  10. Boda'safa' Hau'Alii'

    NTFO- don't put unconscious humans on their back when knocked out. There is the possibility of them choking on vomit and going into anifilactic(sp) shock. For reels, not to mention even worse spinal trauma when moving crash victims. So, pretty much call LifeFlight. Don't worry about the 15K it costs, your O'BamaCare will pay for it.

  11. You will go to heaven my friend

  12. Well handled.

  13. salvatore mannino

    f***k helmets! for sissies

  14. I ask for the name of the camera ?

  15. ahhh what an idiot… go for jump biking without know-how….he deserved it….

  16. you definitely know what you are doing. I would go riding with you any day.

  17. Good reaction

  18. Well done Tim, top man.

  19. Holy shit:0

  20. what hepend whit the bike?

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