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  1. Christian Ritchie

    roman soldiers unite!

  2. What are those srews behind the bridge of the Fox 40 for?

  3. so this is the bike beaumont is going to start riding, right?

  4. actually the DHX2 shock is not the Kashima coating, it's the Ti-Nitride coating.
    Nice video by the way :)

  5. I thought a small rotor would work better than a big one as they heat up faster for more bite, the pads with heat sinks on help cooling in the calliper and to allow a smaller and consequently lighter (yeah i know) rotor while still having sharp brakes.

  6. Allard Klijnstra

    what bargrips are these? (1:29)

  7. front shock name is ?

  8. Hey GMBN you guys should do an overview of the bikes you ride like the pro bike check but for your own bikes

  9. Christopher Dolan

    You guys have been doing a bang-up job with your pro bike checks lately.  I really like how you engage the unique characteristics of a rider's setup and discuss purpose of those characteristics, instead of just reading down a spec sheet.  

    GCN could take some notes 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Bit of a weird request but if we are talking about bikes and spec can we cover off inner and outer cables and hose types?

  11. best bike ever!!!!

  12. Is it just the design of the DHX2 or is that spring massively preloaded? Just looking at how far down the threads the preload ring is?

  13. in addition to the "pro bike series" can you also make a series explaining what makes a good "downhill" "enduro" "xc" "allmountain" and so on bike? so that we got a clue when buying a bike what we have to look for and stuff?

  14. Because yolo swagger 

  15. First dislike 

  16. What is the difference between women's bikes and mens bikes? I get that both genders have different strengths (genetically not to be sexist), but how does that effect geometry?

  17. Brayden_Horton MTB

    Great bike check, what an awesome bike.👍👌

  18. you guys should do a vid on best bike parks and trails in the uk that would be really good

  19. GMBN! Please review and explain bike components. I. E shimano Saint vs. Xt deore.


  20. Man I love Saracen bikes

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