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Light Or Heavy Trail Bike? How Important Is Mountain Bike Weight?



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  1. Not strictly an accurate test in my view, a heavier bike will usually have heavier wheels and tires which make a massive difference along with heavier forks and other kit which when combined totally change the feel of the bike.

    Simply slapping some weights to the frame of a light bike is not the same at all im afraid.

  2. what is the song called for this video

  3. You guys are great. Thanks for all the work.

  4. heavy bike 😂 mine is 2kg heavier than that

  5. My money is always in the metal, if it breaks before I do its not a wise investment for me, I'm looking to build a surly instigator 2.0 (with a mid drive ebike motor admittedly) for some heavy offroading and a spare wheelset and different (read legal) road setting 😊 I love commuting on an ebike/tank in Bristol!

  6. Started on a walmart bike with steel frame and fork and plastic rims lol and it's a 26er, played with it for months, climbed hills with it, almost more than 18kg i reckon… and trust me, just like the roadies with their winter training bike, mountain bikers should have a training bike too! when i just recently bought my specialized pitch (not really that light but its >15kg) i swear to you all those sweats and lactose i got from my steelbike payed off! I could accelerate, climb and stop in a breeze, the bike felt so ninja agile albeit very bouncy rear wheel at rough terrain.

  7. I think the difference will be bigger if you ride heavy wheels or tyres,
    because this are the parts you have to speed up….

  8. How about doing a test where the rider is loaded with extra weight ? and do a long ride with a two or three riders. You could also collect heart and power data so the test has a bit more clout. After all that 2 second difference might not be down to the weight, maybe it's down to adjusting to the feel of the heavier bike and after a week of riding the times would be the same. That split screen thing is great.

  9. I'm 102kg and my bike is 15kg (Giant Reign 2). I imagine it might make a tiny difference but the majority of the mass is in the rider.

  10. This test is wrong. The extra weight on the bike, is in one place, is not well distributed .
    Consequently , the bicycle maneuver badly , it feels slow.
    Should be tested again with a light high-end bike and a heavy bike.

    2 bikes.

  11. I can feel a huge difference on the same bike with heavier wheels and bigger tires. Adding weight to the center of mass makes little difference.

  12. More weight more momentum

  13. In my opinion it is absolutely bullsh*t to compare a lightweight bike and simulate a heavy bike by adding weight at one position on the same bike! Please do a better comparison where you compare a bike with CF Frame vs. AL-Frame. Build it with lightweight parts and heavy duty parts. Keep the geometry the same.
    The comparison in this video is not a proper one and does not help at all.

  14. A downhill bike that weighs 41 lbs is good for climbing I mean is it a normal weight for them ?

  15. can you do a video on the new haibikes i have just got one there great, there ebikes but still hardcore for the dh. what do you think of them?

  16. I'd like to see you do the same test but change the weight by putting on carbon wheels, and lighter tires.. Then do a comparison with the same bike with tubeless, and light tubes.

  17. dumb!! U guys added weight without adding stiffness, larger volume tires, etc.. Just strapping weight onto ur frame doesn't prove anything.

    Most heavy bikes have benefits in other areas, u guys negate this. Not fair.

  18. Landon T Farnworth

    Isn't 35 pounds a little unrealistic on any modern bike and look at marks hair at 150

  19. Karolis Borkertas


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