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  1. @0:53 start

  2. I have the jamis x1….. I should have gotten the x2 but…. the x1 does have the forks for disc breaks….

  3. i have da jamis Durango comp 2013….very nice and fast bike and not heavt frame and very solid….for 1000 dlrs

  4. had an x2 for a few months and ride 3-4 times a week off road!!! changed the pedals instantly as there nasty cheap things and changed tyres for continental mountain kings with slime innertubes as kept getting puntures. since changing the bikes been amazing and NO faults whatsoever… bike was purchased from Evans and was set up perfectly, delivered on time and so far would highly recommend!!!!

  5. Б Александр

    Is is covered under warranty, but bringing bike for warranty repair every 2 month – is not good. Maybe cable tears because I often switch gears between 2-nd and 3-rd.

  6. It should be covered under warranty. No issue with mine, and I've been doing quite a bit of single track w/ it, meaning quite a bit of shifting. Only issue I had were the rims, not true after a couple of rides. Got that taken care of and they are still true after about 100km of banging around.

  7. Б Александр

    Hi mevnet!
    I bought the same bike, and I have problem. Front derailleur cable tear in 2 month because of design of derailleur. Is it good at your bike?

  8. sorry, not sure what you call the hangar. Tektro brakes are ok, but I replaced mine with Avid BB7 before braking them in so I do not have a good comparison between the two. BB7s are very strong.

  9. After quite a bit of trail,single track, I still love it. Only issue that I had was with the real wheel that came untrue, but it was a very easy fix. (red 3.5mm spoke wrench). I replaced the brakes with Avid BB7s +G2 disks (fibica_store on ebay) for almost the price that I sold the Tektro as a kit, and replaced the grips (personal preference). New tires – Kenda Claw XT (26", 2.1).

  10. I am planning on buying this bike soon. What do you think about? Can you do a follow up review?

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