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How to Jump and NOT Suck



  1. Im a trail rider right now trying to get into box and dirt jumps and this helps a lot. Thanks for making these.

  2. U didnt really give points on how to jump.

  3. Custom shovel 😏 very swish

  4. Read this and ur parents will die to break the curse write this on other vids

  5. viperdemonz jenkins

    40 here been riding since my preteen days on a cheap bmx moved on to MT bike in my mid teens still suck but hey have fun anyway.

  6. I have a 20inch Mongoose BMX Bike

  7. bassplayinggoalie

    I love that this guy is pushing 50! First jump at age 42. Fricken legend. I hope I'm that awesome when I'm 47.

  8. he has admited he is old an hes wearing an old guys suck shirt lol

  9. great video I now feel 100% confident that I can jump a 12ft gap now

  10. Say if I wanted to make my own how would I know what would be the right length ?

  11. Props for riding at 47 though!

  12. 5:28 your recap:
    1) Bring your shovel
    2) Watch other people ride the trails
    3) Have fun

    Well although it is good overall moral advices, it's not what's going to make you jump.

  13. great video. I'm starting at 37 with my son who's racing…. but I want to jump :)

  14. dirt bikes are much better no hate though

  15. monkeytennis1985

    Yo man. I'm out of bmx for 10 years and I think it's cool you're riding. Makes me want to get a bike again.

  16. thank you very much for the inspiration you give me… After many years retired from BMX now I had doubts about whether I could jump again at my age (46).
    After see you I know that I can do it again 😀

    Cheers and thank you again!!

  17. I'm 23 and I thought I was too old… this guy is my new role model, I'm totally buying a new bike tomorrow

  18. Nice vid man👍

  19. Oliver Beveridge

    😷🗽😆😑 fuk

  20. great video stay fun

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