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How To Adjust Mountain Bike Handle Bars



  1. xXKvng. PhillipXx

    The top of my handlebar keeps sliding out while I ride for a while

  2. So on a flat bar with no rise but only a sweep, the sweep should be positioned horizontally to the ground?

  3. I adjust mine so the rise is maximized. It's a good starting point. You can then make small (like 5 deg) bar rotations from there. Also, bars have different lengths (widths), rises, and sweeps. If you can't get comfortable by making adjustments, try to figure out what you need more or less of and get a different bar. Stem length can also have a pretty big effect on how a bar feels. Get a cheaper bar (and maybe stem as well)  to get the fit right, then pony up for the fancy stuff once you know what's specs work for you.

  4. RailfanChris1995

    I need to raise the entire handlebar assembly. Like move it vertically. Is this possible? 

  5. I still don't get what you meant by "pull the lever bar in line with the fork"? Please explain

  6. Adjusting the angle of the handle bars in line with your forks will be a bitch on your wrists on flat ground

  7. What if you need to adjust the height? Any videos to help? Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the simple instructions, it was very helpful. (Y) 

  9. more info on tubeless setup pls !!!

  10. Why are you wearing gloves?

  11. Could you make VDO on how to adjust bearing preload on wheel ?

  12. First video I've found that clearly shows break reach adjustment! Thanks, again…

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