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Florida FSC Mountain Bike Race



  1. Where did you guys crash at?

  2. Looks awesome, where is the mud?

  3. Adrenaline Channel

    Interesting Race, It's like a mysterious journey :)

  4. What size bikes are they riding? What does it take to qualify to enter? Is there a calender list or something for florida beginner races?

  5. World of Cycling Channel

    This is a 40-49 Beginner Men's Race in the Florida State MTB Series. Average race time is about 1hr. for these racers. Beginner races are also about 10 to 13 miles in distance.

  6. which trail was that where you crashed twice ?

  7. How long is an average FSC race?

  8. lovely xc track, but if you guys have never made the trip out to the north west, that is a must before you die. from washington – bc is a cyclists paradise.

  9. These guys look like pros but cant get up simple grades. Super weak!

  10. Wow…what a nice track! 

  11. hahaha!!!! never mind…. got it

  12. where in FL. is this?

  13. who the hell picks a singletrack for a race? 

  14. I rode this train, so fun!

  15. I would love to cycle this trail :)

  16. Am i the only one who shouts/says "Passing" when overtaking another rider?

  17. Great video :D

  18. Looked fun. Wish there were trails like that around here. Smooth and flat with just the right amount of small ups and downs and technical sections. Here (WV) it's all up and down, roots and rocks. Not much smooth. Still a blast to ride though.

  19. DSproductions Dreams

    nice ride

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