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Essential Mountain Biking Skills



  1. is it normal that you had on an full suspentcion bike your front suspentcion lower that the back?I mean the back suspetcion is big.
    z.B 100mm front
    120mm back
    ???????? I hope ypu know what I mean (german guy with bad english)

  2. me too foamy! im off mountain biking today then edinburgh tomorra! i havnt got the motivation for either 🙇🙇🙇

  3. well done kev

  4. Music is way too loud guys.

  5. When peddling uphill, is it bad to stand while peddling?

    I've always wondered about that, typically when I go uphill on any bike, I'll stand on the pedals to go faster, or to climb faster, is that "improper" so to speak?

  6. The plant Sniffer

    Orange bikes are up there with giant,they are built perfectly

  7. Hi Kev. What a great video. Just wondering. How tall are you and what the bike size. Is that xc or trail?

  8. why didn't the dog have a bike too? poor dog

  9. Do these two guys wear the same underwear everything else is the same LoL

  10. No one has a dropper post?😱😞👿👎🏻😭

  11. Stephen Geoghegan

    how much is the white orange bike????

  12. Kill the music and audio is muffled.

  13. Thanks from Texas

  14. Great shots 🙂 thanks so much!

  15. This video has got to be for people who've never biked in their lives before…anyone who grew up on a village with biking possibilities already knows these things from their childhood.

    The basic rules are: Both wheels always on the surface as much as possible, using the front brake as little as possible (overdo it and you'll get a fun surprise), and the most important of all: Do anything to keep the front edge of the saddle from entering your ass.

    Watching the guy trying to climb uphill while sitting was fucking painful though. Stand up man!

  16. which helmets are they using?

  17. Nice film some good technique, But you can control your skid, "13.36" and you must learn how to. As A Kid who can't remember skidding around on the lawn. If your on steep scree slopes or vary muddy trails breaking hard on the back wheel into a skids can save the day. As you demonstrated at that sequence, you weren't out of control ,AND you locked your bike up and turn nicely on to rack. learning to control your skid is essential part of biking. and with most people it come's natural

  18. hi

  19. When I wear spandex my balls get chaffed.

  20. Vicente Gador Jr

    nice tips but why are your front brakes on the right side of the handlebars?.

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