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EBIKES: A mountain bikers review of the Haibike Nduro electric mountain bike



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  1. how a fully charged battery last ob the flat at cruising speed of around 25 to 35 kph?

  2. The people moaning that it's not proper cycling/it's cheating/etc sound just like the people in the 90's that said putting suspension on MTBs was heresy/cheating, just saying.

  3. It's funny how many riders are so "my way better" that they can't even allow themselves to have fun on an Ebike. Which are by the way,. the MOST fun I've had on a bike.  And I have 3 regular bikes.  ;)

  4. Buena doble!

  5. This is the future for me. As I approach my 60s I know two things: I want to keep riding the trails and I find it harder and harder to do so. I'm not there yet and as long as there is an uplift service at the FOD I shan't need one but for longer trail riding definitely in the next ten years I'll be getting one.

  6. Good video, looks like lots of fun

  7. Next big thing? – Hopefully not:
    Cheating? – Definitely not; you can't kid anyone when you're out on the trails.

    What eMTBs do – IMHO – is extend your riding years if you're reasonably fit…
    And get your bum back in the saddle if you're unfortunate enough to experience debilitating illness or injury.

    I ride one & enjoy every minute: I use just enough assist to allow me to keep up with the young bloods – Just!
    I sweat buckets, just like them, but it's good to occasionally pass them on the loong uphill forest road 😈.

    My old bones will be 67 in June, but my brain never got past 18.

  8. great vid. so would you buy one ?? looks like it's more than perfect for most of us. also a dam good workout can be had on the lowest assistance level. if your feeling extra brave the assistance could be switched off. meaning the e biker is working harder than the normal biker

  9. Best ebike video I have seen yet! I didn't think I would own one either, but now I do and love it on rides which have a LOT of climbing because I just spend way less time climbing and more time going back down. Goes back down better than my stumpjumper too.

  10. It's so satisfying to see that suspension work :)

  11. That was about as informative as it gets. Could see the bike working as an MTB and the jumps were real jumps by a rider who shows he is not a novice.

    The information was clear enough without spruiking and I appreciate that.

    I ride with a fellow who is an awesome skilled MTB rider but has a gammy leg so ups are a chore for him and we, the rest of the bunch, feel a bit uncomfortable because as good as he is he is always overtaxed on the climbs and that's not good for his spirit. This ebike idea would work for him as he could ride using the assist on the ups and then ride around the weight to fly down. SO he would be in the mix all ride and keeping us able bodied MTBers honest. AND this is less than his good MTB anyway.

    Just need to understand if the battery would last 3+ hours

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  13. Can't see this bike for sale. What travel does it have?

  14. He wouldn't own one because he is one of those Elitist fitness idiots that doesn't see how these could be great for those who just can't get that fit due to various medical reasons. How these could get those people into the outdoors and off the couches . I bet he is one of the type that just don't wait for the slowest riders, that lead to them giving up mtb.

  15. Great vid !

  16. I thought you did quite well on it but you destroyed everything when you said you would not own one.

  17. Great vid. I would own one if I was rich, Mainly cause where I ride has some great long downhills and no shuttle or lift back to the top. I rode one around a carpark and it feels quite natural

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