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Custom MTB Dirt/Street Bike Check 2014



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  1. OMG its a work of art, basing my bike on this for sure

  2. how much did it all cost?

  3. Kronisław Bomorowski

    cena na '2016marzec?

  4. Mines better

  5. hi, what truvati crank model and bb is that, how u convert it to take single speed (bmx) type chain ring on most dj bikes?

  6. will be about 12-12,2kg

  7. why is ur brake lever on the wrong side?

  8. MountainBikerCarMan

    What size bottom bracket, brand, and is it Euro threaded? I'm building a dj myself and I'm having a hard time finding bottom brackets and cranks. 

  9. shocks?

  10. Антоан Янев

    I am struggling to find the places where I can buy the parts… Can someone please give me the links? Thank you a lot!

  11. The Anonymous Mountain Biker (Iopl3887)

    Extreeeeemely beautiful.

  12. how much does it all cost for this baby?

  13. Sweet bike

  14. fajny rower i filmik dobrze nagrany:P kleisz coś na tym mtb?

  15. Those colours :3 Nice bike!

  16. i have a question.. other people said that. hardtail.. cant have big travel.. why yours have big travel they said it can streess the headtube.. … Plzz replay. ??

  17. Seats abit off pal! :')

  18. What kind of mtb is dis freestyle or wat n were can i get one

  19. sie prezentuje :)

  20. I have the same tires!

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