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Cross Country vs Trail Mountain Bike



  1. Like seeing the Hutch hanging in the garage ;)

  2. At 1:30 is his fork bent? Looks a little off.

  3. Hi Clint
    i am a completely new beginner and am about to choose a bike
    I want a fast bike, lightweight, but also some fun, and technical difficulties in the forest over rough terrain.

    I am looking at a XC that i like, will i really be able to feel a big difference from an XC vs a Trail in the forest?

    the bike im looking at is a Trek Superfly 8 2016

  4. Terrific video! This helped me decide on a 2015 Trance 3 that I upgraded with wider bars, better grips and an X Fusion Sweep fork. I am mowing over roots and rocks I used to go around on my 04' Norco Fluid 3.

  5. THanks. I found this a really useful video

  6. Again , thanks Clint… Cross country for me !

  7. Hey great video. Just wondering, I have a 2015 TREK FUEL EX 9 29er. Kind of in the middle of the two categories with a 69.5 head angle, and 120mm travel. Reactiv Shock is awesome. What would you consider this to be, more XC or Trail?

  8. if you could only have one bike, would you go for a 69+ head angle or would you choose a trail bike?

  9. For me Giant Trance is an all mountain bike not a trail bike, the Giant's trail bike is the Stance and the enduro is the Reign.
    Here a tip to remember the classification of MTB with the common travel of suspension (27.5") from flat to down ability :
    X country (100mm) > Trail (120mm)> All mountain (120mm-140mm)> Enduro(140mm-160mm) > Freeride (180mm)> Downhill (200mm)

  10. why don't you talk about the front derailleur?

  11. Федор Емельяненко

    вы чё там, русский совсем не учите, непонятно же нихуя почти

  12. tnx. very helpful

  13. Thanks for the vid man. I'm going from an XC hard tail (Opus Strat) to a full suspension trail bike, a 2016 Giant Trance 3. I've never ridden a FS before, but I can't wait to try it.

  14. I loooove your video. I was wondering if I could use it for my teaching, I'm preparing a group of volunteer translators for a bike marathon and your video could be a great illustration of bike terminology use.

  15. Your right but at the same time wrong you never see anyone riding a full suspension for real XC

  16. Great vid … Was the answers I was looking for … I brought a Anthem without looking into it and was not sure if I should have got the Trance … Anthem right choice for me YAY!! … CHEERS!!!

  17. that's a hutch bike on ceiling. fricking rad.

  18. Big Help…much thanks!

  19. There's no difference. Everyone setup up there bike the way they like it. Some like wide bars some like narrow bars. Some people like there seat high some like it low. Some like narrower tires some like fat tires. Some like rigid some like shocks. Both bikes can be for all terrain. But some people prefer one type of terrain to another. Some people like to buy name brand expensive bikes cause they think it will make them ride better. Its kinda like Golfing by the best clubs will make you think your playing better!

  20. im subscribing man awesome video thanks.

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