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Boostmaster Bike Check – Freeride and Dirt Jump bikes!



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  1. This guy knows what's good. Hope hubs.

  2. Would you be comfortable taking the Norco on a downhill trail? I'm looking at a Kona Stinky on craigslist right now, and It's set up really similar to the Norco. Full downhill bikes are just way out of my price range right now so I think the Kona would be good. Thanks

  3. Nice Video, cool bikes! I wanted to ask quickly if the Norco Empire 5 is a good fr bike for beginners. Is it strong ?

  4. Oliver “XS8 Prod.” Kubina

    Which MTB discipline do you prefer? DH/FR or Dirt Jumping?

  5. We're your shocks black but they wore?

  6. i need a new bike for dirt jumping/downhilling wondering if you knew any good places or bikes?

  7. how did you win straitline components from Pinkbike? +JordanBoostmaster

  8. How do u get the smooth glide of the camera on the close up shots? :)

  9. Alguem aqui portugues viu a marca Kona? lol  x)

  10. How much travel is on the kona dirt jump?

  11. i have a question plzz. answer. they said.. a hardtail cant have 140mm travel.. it will stress the headtube.. Then what. frame that can handle 140mm travel .. 

  12. can you link me on how to build jumps for a slopestyle course–satellites, landings, takeoffs, all that

    thanks dude 

  13. youre really good and all and i like you but you should really buy better bikes

  14. His Norco is aweosome,i tested it once and it was great,right now i have a Demo 8 but Norcos are very good,and also his videos are excellent,i love your videos man !
    Keep like this :)

  15. Mortazarahimi Mortaza

    Norco empire 

  16. Gangl Dávid Szabolcs

    You save 20 gramms with you carbon spacers??? ::DDD

  17. Btw really awesome vid

  18. I'm more of a snowboarder than a biker so can u help me out is he really good or do I just suck 

  19. time for an upgrade? yt industries are real good and very cheap!

  20. The Captain MTB Raws

    Nice bikes! The Zoom mic records this audio well, but the stereo balance is a bit over-expanded, and speech like this may benefit with a conversion to mono, for future reference. :)

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