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Blankets Creek XC mountain biking Race 2013



  1. this was uploaded on my birthday

  2. God it's and Hr away from me .Trail look good now just need to find some one to go out there with . You were killing it man

  3. he passes the guy and starts ripping it

  4. Nedelescu Gabriel

    Good job !

  5. That's cute.

  6. So far I have watch 20 mins of this video and makes me feel the excitment and the tiredness of this sport. Great video mate!

  7. Thanks man! Thanks for this video! What a great fry cycling workout at home!

  8. Thank you for the post!

  9. Mi esposoa dwona Hernandez amors 

  10. Really cool trail. I have just watched whole and wish I could try that one.

  11. Sorry, I'm new at cycling, the terrain on this race, is it hardpack ? basically I'm searching for new tires, but most of the tires available here (south america) are designed for hardpack terrain, so I have no idea what that is. And one more question, in this race, Do you think that using a xc tire of 1.60 (width) is possible? I believe XC racers prefer to use tires between 1.90 to 2.10 (width), but I was curious to know the outcome of using such tire.

  12. I got headache from watching just 15 minutes of this.  Beautiful place but my lord, placing the gopro on your chest is for downhillers.

  13. The cardio machine I was on at the gym was set to "bike Videos" and this one randomly came up.  I spent the rest of my time on the machine watching this race.  My time ended and the machine stopped streaming the video.  I was right into it by that point and was cheering on your passes.  I managed to search it out on Youtube when I got home so I could watch the end. Thanks for the entertainment!

  14. Wish the race scene would offer more technical challenges; seems everywhere it is much more reliant on cardio rather than balance, agility, technical skills ect.

  15. Was watching this when I was on my Tacx rollers and swerved to miss the tree twice! Top track and well done

  16. Outra coisa que costumo usar é um pouco de Mel de abelha com 1 colher de chá de pó de Guarana na garrafinha de água para dar mais um gás. fico muito bom!
    Brasil – Crato – Ceará

  17. Minha estrategia é respirar o minimo possível pela boca mesmo que soltando o ar e mantendo uma boa cadência… fazendo isso acabo rendendo mais n__n
    Venham conhecer a "Chapada do Cariri local de belas trilhas" n__n
    Brasil – Crato – Ceará

  18. Hey Nice Video!! Great to watch when Riding isnt an Option …you had some "Big Trucks" to Pass on that Highway I see!!

  19. I loved that video.    Watching you "reel in" the other riders made it feel like I was out there doing it myself.  Nice job with 5th.  Some of the slower riders jammed you up a bit but there are so few passing opportunities unless you want to become one with a tree.  Your noisy brakes helped you. They heard you coming and knew they had to move over.  Congratulations again on 5th!

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