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Are Walmart mountain bikes safe?



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  1. so buy one that isnt pre assembled and you might be ok? it was probably just some kid smoking pot assembling that bike in the back room at walmart

  2. Hey Seth, all the bikes at big box stores are assembled on a piece rate basis…it's not that they don't know how or care, it's I'm getting payed per bike that looks good on the floor…it comes In a box, slap on the front wheel, pedals etc, there's no tuning because that stuffs mounted already and they just slap em together…

  3. I tried out a 100-dollar bike at Target… and I was able to put one foot on the ground and pedal the bike in place. Dangerous.

  4. Mr.Speed Racer 95

    When I got my bike from Walmart a week of using it I had brake failure and it a curve at full speed I got a roadmaster graffit 24 inch for 80 dollars

  5. I actually own this bike, I use it as a secondary to bike to… Walmart and stuff when my main driver is in repair or something.

  6. A “Akagi” Seki

    I dont work for Walmart but we sell the same brands. Mongoose Schwinn Huffy Everyday are all bought out and owned by Pacific Cycles. they have to manufacture these bikes in high quantity in China and then they have to be shipped to every retail store in North America. its unbelievable what we find in these boxes when the bikes arrive. missing parts. stripped threads. bent forks. wrong seat post size. defective frame. awful design. inconsistent with quality. its ridiculous. we laugh so hard at them. we check everything down to all the screws and bolts. is it safe? depends on the bike model and the technician. at our store we care. there's just some models that I tell customers not to buy.

  7. For most people these bikes are OK. Who has 1k to spend at your bike shop for the same thing?

  8. Ok why would u not use a bmx for stunts like that

  9. SETH!! I'm coming down to Florida on Thursday for my bday👍 and staying in west palm beach! Im so excited… hows the weather rn lol

  10. our lad was bought a muddy fox for Christmas. For a bike bearing a supposed good name I was shocked at the number of really bad faults, I'm glad I gave it a thorough check over. the plan was to just set it up for saddle height etc. but because the brakes weren't gripping the rim when fully applied I gave it a full service, because the wheel is so far out of true the brakes still rub slightly,

  11. I just started trail riding, looking for people local and I live 20 minutes from that park you mentioned. Can you suggest some forums with people in Miami to go riding with?

  12. Alright, I'm a department manager over the bike department in Walmart, I know the bikes are shit, I buy from my LBS, but don't assume the assemblers "either don't know or don't give a shit". Most of it is them having to pump out a bike every 20 minutes, so time-consuming things like brake adjustments (without the right equipment even) just isn't feasible. Don't insult people just trying to make a living

  13. I got mine from target the money that I have put into it I mine as well have gotten a 500 dollar bike mine was 100 and the arm bar keeps falling off what is even more sad is that the bike shop I go too doesn't even sell bikes any more because he can't sell them a damn shame

  14. Lol,this bike costs around 2500 USD in my country -_- As do other full suspension bikes,sport is really expensive in here,so we (students) have to ride on hardtails or have really rich parents.

  15. very informative….
    thank you very much.

  16. lol…I like when you say you can't wait to beat the shit out of it…lol..but what you say in the video is true…if the bike isn't from a real bike store and you bout familiar with bikes get it check out by someone who knows the ropes…even in my neighborhood when I see children riding and they bikes don't look right. I stop them and fix it plus explain how out should be and what can happen..Cause it can save an injury.

  17. i have that bike lol

  18. 2:08 Is that the best you could get that wheel true? I know it's a shit wheel on the bike but wheels should be true to within 2 mm's all the way around.

  19. I have that same bike

  20. Thay have pad brakes don't by them

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