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  1. Elias Gtz M Calesy

    Ok. Thanks!

  2. They only want you riding on the trails if its below 28 degrees F. If its warmer than that it destroys the trail. It's very fun to ride on the trail when it is frozen though.

  3. Elias Gtz M Calesy

    Is it possible to roll in winter in these trails? What month do they recommend? I visit to my family in ohio and want to take my bicycle.

  4. ombcDOTnet

  5. who sponsored the race?

  6. That's a great course. I just raced there last month.

  7. Mohican is a sick ride

  8. You did it right. It wouldn't hurt to have a sign there.

  9. Nice video! Just hit this place up, great shape. We didn't see the trailhead lot until just as we drove passed it. The trail gets a little confusing when the it spits you out onto the road. At that point, just bang a left and follow the road for about a hundred yards and it puts you back on the trail (left side of road). Is that right, or did we mess it up? Our odometer did say we were a little under six miles when we got back to the trail head so maybe we took a wrong turn somehow…

  10. What makes a course hard for you? Rocks? Hills? Obstacles?

    Try Chestnut Ridge or Dillon State Park or Mohican State Park.

  11. are there any harder courses in columbus?

  12. just rode it tonight. It's amazing how much its changed since I made this video.

  13. nice trail!!!

  14. @driewe I'm hoping to get a 29er some time soon. Thanks for watching the video. Hope to do more mountain biking videos in the near future.

  15. @gopy14 There are no big jumps. Not that kind of trail, but it is a fun place to ride. It's more of a XC experience.

  16. Denton Birdwatcher Videos

    Great video. I did lots of mountain biking back in 88-92 in Texas and occassionally get out on a 29'r. You have a nice trail!

  17. @billoakesattablthree great comment – thx

  18. ow okay nice. and no, i dont have knobby tires. :/

  19. @zakokiller I don't see why not. I think having larger tires would be an advantage though with all the roots and logs. Do you have knobby tires?

  20. can i do this on my BMX? 😀

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